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Ah! My Goddess

The story of a call for takeout changes the whole life of Morisato Keiichi. A call that was supposed to reach the local takeout store instead reached the goddess office. What he summoned then was goddess Belldandy, ever so elegant and beautiful. But Keiichi thought it was some sort of prank by his fellow seniors, so he made a wish for a girl like Belldandy to stay with him forever. Thus, Belldandy agreed as she will be the one staying with him forever and the story enfolds into a web of love and passion that Belldandy starts growing for Keiichi. A story of love and passion that intrigues anyone starts which revolves around Belldandy and Keiichi's daily life, exploring each other's feelings and emotions. However, there will be some obstacles, like Keiichi's indecisiveness and not to mention clumsiness. Then, all of a sudden popped out two other goddesses namely Urd and Skuld who are Belldandy's sisters. With them, chaos and slapsticks keep flooding the show as laughter is heard here and there.

In the beginning this anime series is a bit hard to believe, but aren't the funniest anime just the same? As the story progresses, Belldandy’s sisters appear and everything gets even wackier and funnier. Also, you can really feel that both Belldandy and Keiichi care a lot for each other and the story turns out to be very romantic indeed.