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Comedy, Ecchi
OVA (6x)
Golden Boy

Twenty-five year old Kintaro Oe dropped out of Tokyo Law School, but only after completing all the courses that were necessary to graduate. The reason for that is unknown, but he continues to journey through Japan on his bicycle, the Miyazuki-five, filling odd jobs, taking in life experiences and jotting it all down in his journal. On the way, he continually bumps into various beautiful women, which are his weakness, in need and simultaneously falling in love and helping them.

Golden Boy can be described with a single word: HILARIOUS. This anime is so damn funny, because Kintaro's obsession for women gets him in trouble all the time. He does manage to get out of trouble sometimes (usually after getting beat up) and he always helps out people around him, this is why you'll really like and respect Kintaro Oe. Golden Boy is probably the anime that lead to my own obsession: watching anime whenever and wherever possible!!