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Comedy, Ecchi
TV (43x)
Great Teacher Onizuka

Onizuka Eikichi: twenty-two years old, single, karate champion and former leader of a feared biker gang. Now Onizuka is looking for a new job, and he decides to become a teacher to be surrounded by girls all day. The job hunt isn't going well until Onizuka finally finds a school that will hire him, but the conditions aren't exactly what he had hoped for. He is put in charge of the infamous class 3-4, made of up troublemakers who were known for driving teachers to insanity. Onizuka now faces the toughest challenge of his life: teaching.

GTO has a great cast of characters. There overall character development is superb, but no one stands out like Onizuka. He is truly one of the greatest creations ever, he appears to be a dumb, shallow, perverted guy, but there's so much more to him than meets the eye. The artwork looks similar to the manga, and some might think of it as a bit crude, but it fits the series extremely well. GTO is a very entertaining anime series. Fans of Golden Boy absolutely can't miss this one.