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Hand Maid May

Nanbara has always been jealous of Kazuya. Kazuya outdoes him in just about everything, and Nanbara can't take it anymore. To get revenge, Nanbara comes up with a computer virus and puts it in a disc. He gives the disc to Kazuya and tells him that there's a surprise inside it. Instead of getting his PC infected however, Kazuya succeeds in cracking Nanbara's disc and ends up ordering a Cyber Doll from a mysterious website. Momentarily, a package is delivered to Kazuya containing a 12-inch android wearing a maid's uniform! She is Cyber Doll May, and she's going to help out Kazuya in whatever way she can! But can Kazuya foot the 1.450.000 yen bill? If Kazuya can't pay, May can't stay…

Hand Maid May is such a kawaii anime series, the characters are so cute! The humor tends to be physical sometimes, but it's very funny. Apart from the last episode, which didn't really fit in the story, everything's great. It's too bad that Hand Maid May only lasts for eleven episodes.