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Hikaru No Go

During the days of the Heian period, the mastery of Go was considered to be one of the highest honors. Fujiwara no Sai was one of those masters. One day, the emperor of Japan called the two greatest Go players to his courts. In a fast-paced match, Fujiwara no Sai battled another opponent for the honor of tutoring the emperor in Go. Unfortunately, Sai's opponent cheats, and just as Sai is about to say something, his opponent accuses Sai of cheating. Shamed by being thrown out of the courts, and dishonored by being accused of cheating, Sai killed himself. But like all unrepented souls, Sai could was unable to rest until he reached the highest level of Go... God's Hand.

Shindou Hikaru, fresh into middle school, stumbles around his grandfather's belongings when he comes across a strange board with squares on it... and a splash of blood. Intrigued, Hikaru touched the board, and the ghost of Fujiwara no Sai pops out. Indebted to Hikaru for releasing him, and ready to begin his journey of laerning the God's Hand, both Sai and Hikaru must become the best of the best and allow Sai to pass peacfully into heaven.

When I first came across this anime series, I couldn't believe how it could be interesting for 75 episodes. But by watching it, I was surprised. Although I haven't finished this series yet, I think it's really good. The graphics, music and story are top-notch and you won't be disappointed by picking up this anime. You'll even learn to play Go as well.