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Adventure, Fantasy
TV (62x)
OVA (30x)
Hunter X Hunter

Our hero is a ten-year-old boy who's spent all of his life in a village deep in the wilderness. And even given this he appears to prefer the wilderness to the village. He's got pretty good skills at wilderness survival, but his knowledge of the wider world and the people and forces that fill it is marginal at best. Things change somewhat when a hunter rescues him. Hunters are highly trained, and fairly deadly, individuals who are capable of dealing with the dangers found within the wilderness. And given that human law, order and civilization seems to be spread fairly thinly on this world many of the dangers that can be found are human. This hunter informs our hero that, against what his aunt had always told him, his dad is not only alive, somewhere, but considered to be one of the greatest of the hunters. Propelled by this information, the need to ask 10 years worth of questions, and a sizable interest in the hunter professions he decides to become a hunter. This requires a sizable number of tests in the various locales this fantasy world has to offer. Fortunately he finds some good, albeit fairly exotic, companions to travel the path with him.

There are quite a number of twists and turns in this series. As you go along the story becomes more serious and suspenseful. What makes this series different from others is that it doesn't revolve around only on the main character. The story has a lot of humor in it, and I ended up laughing and smiling while watching this anime. The fight scenes are good too, which makes Hunter X Hunter really action-packed throughout the series.