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TV (13x)
I My Me! Strawberry Eggs

When aspiring young teacher Amawa Hibiki applies to the Seitou Sannomiya School in hope of becoming a physical education teacher, his dreams come crashing down when the man-hating militant principal turns him away. But not all is lost, Hibiki's gun-totting landlady seems to know about the principals mysterious past and offers to help Hibiki realize his dream. So how do you become a teacher at an all-girls school with an all-girls faculty? You become a woman! But pretending to be a female teacher will not be a walk in the park for poor old Hibiki.

I My Me! Strawberry Eggs turned out to be a funny anime series. Although at first I hadn't got a clue what the story was about, which isn't surprising because the title is one of the wackiest ones I've ever seen or heard of. The story features a great deal of funny scenes, but all in all this anime is considered to be about average in its class.