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Science Fiction
TV (24x)
Kiddy Grade

In the future, mankind has discovered a wonderful means of transportation... a way to warp places at extremely high speeds. With this new invention, mankind has spread to the stars, colonizing planets as they saw fit, making room for the exploding population. As such, a new organization was needed to police the expanding human race. 162 years ago, in Star Century 0165, a group known as the Galactic Union and Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs (GOTT) was formed as two seperate organizations. GOTT has searched out and trained young people into becoming the police of tomorrow. Each group has 2 members, and the bond formed between them is one of life and death. They stand outside the law, but at the same time within it. With the ability to draw upon every bit of available technology in existance, GOTT always has the upper hand.

But the Universe is a vast place, and GOTT's top members, Lumiere and Eclair, are up to the challenge. Still, crimes are getting larger and more complex, as technology itself is evolving to a point of pure A.I. Will the duo be able to handle what will ultimately determine the rules of the Universe, or will it eventually collapse into chaos?

By collecting the great wallpapers of this series, I was persuaded to watch "Kiddy Grade". The artwork is beautiful and the characters are really cool. This might be a bit of a spoiler, but in the last episode a superb space battle takes place, so don't miss it!