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Adventure, Fantasy
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Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service is the story of an adolescent witch named Kiki who leaves home at the age of thirteen to establish herself in a new city, according to witch tradition. Though Kiki's takes place in a world where witches are real and magic works, witches themselves are rare but not unknown to the general populace. Kiki is accompanied on her journey by Jiji, her black cat and familiar. All witches have some special power, like fortune-telling or potion making, but Kiki can only fly on her broom. And she's a little shaky doing even that.

But after deciding to settle in a beautiful seaside city, Kiki uses her flying skills to open up a delivery service for the locals. The movie chronicles her various deliveries and Kiki's discovery of her own strength and independence.

Another great piece of work by Ghibli Studios. This anime is suitable for parents and their kids to watch together. The story is light and very enjoyable... a family movie indeed.