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Comedy, Romance
TV (38x)
Ai Yori Aoshi

The series is set in Japan and we're introduced to one of the main characters, Kaoru Hanabishi, a second year university student. We meet Kaoru at a train station, while there he notices a young lady get pushed over and thus he helps her out. The lady goes by the name of Aoi Sakuraba. She's looking for a particular residence and Kaoru helps her out again. They find out that the house that Aoi was looking for is no longer there. Aoi becomes rather depressed by the whole outcome and is uncertain of what to do. Aoi hands a photograph of the person she's looking for. It turns out that Kaoru is in fact the childhood friend in the photograph and Aoi has actually been looking for Kaoru all this time. Aoi has been in love with Kaoru since childhood. The series complexities are realized as we find out that Kaoru Hanabashi actually left his family and no longer sees himself as apart of them. It turns out that the engagement of Aoi and Kaoru had become annulled when Kaoru had left his family. Thus, Aoi had come to find Kaoru in hopes of getting him to return to his family, which would then make the engagement between the two renewed.

The artwork used is really top-notch and the (romantic) story is in my opinion very original. Aoshi really loves Kaoru - she cooks for him, she cleans his room, and she wants to spend every second of her life together with him. Don’t we guys all like to have someone in this world who likes you back that much? Added to that are the very funny scenes from the rest of the characters and that’s why I like this anime. Really enjoyable and definitely worth watching…