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Science Fiction
TV (26x)
Lost Universe

Meet Kane Blueriver and Canal Vorfeed, trouble contractors who are paid to take care of problems, which may be too messy for other means. When the two cross paths with amateur detective Millenium Feria Nocturne, insanity reigns with much property damage to boot. However, if nothing else, Milli is the sharpest shooter in the universe. And so the adventures begin as this threesome takes on contracts from the intergalactic police, the Universal Guardians. For a while everything seems to run realitvely smooth as they go from job to job. Kane's ship has a history though, and daily routine is interupted by Nightmare, a huge crime syndicate who has taken a dangerous attention to them.

Lost Universe is cute and quite funny. Characterization is shallow in the beginning, but it gradually grew as the story went on. The artwork is similar to Slayers, and the voice characters sound just like Slayers as well. There's a wonderful mix of comedy and serious stuff which makes this series fascinating and likable.