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Comedy, Romance
TV (25x)
OVA (5x)
Love Hina

Keito Urashima is twenty years old, girlfriend-less and looking for someplace to live while he tries to get into Tokyo University. He made a promise to a childhood friend, whose name he can't even remember, many years ago to get in and meet her there, but so far he isn't doing very good. He seems to have made a new contract on life however, when his grandmother makes him manager of a girl's dormitory with some of the cutest girls he has ever met, one of which will help him get into Tokyo University. However, being a manager and trying to get into a rigorous university combined with his rather absentminded tendency to barge into the girl's bath and the fact that any of his tenants would beat him senseless at a moment's notice makes his life a little less than a walk in park.

I've laughed my ass off watching this anime. I've lost track of how many times Keitaro got Naru-punched during the entire anime series, but he always manages to survive them amazingly (anything's possible in anime, hehe). Love Hina also features beautiful character songs, one of which is my favorite: Yakusoku, performed by the cute Horie Yui.