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Comedy, Romance
TV (24x)

Shikimori Kazuki is a 17-year old high school student at a prestigious school for magic users. All students have magical abilities and have a certain amount of spells they can cast in their life. Normal students can cast several thousand spells and powerful students, like the rich Kazetsubaki Kuriko, can cast over 100,000 in their life. But poor Kazuki can only cast eight. After that, if he attempts to use magic, it will only result in his turning to dust. As such, he is shunned by the girls at school and really has no friends to speak of.

One day, that all changes when new transfer student Miyami Yuuna awaits Kazukiís arrival and announces that she's his wife. The next day, Kuriko begins coming on to strong to Kazuki, much to the dismay of Yuuna and the males in Kazuki's class. Then the cute kendo girl who's a first-year high school student, Kamishiro Rin, suddenly announces her intentions for him. Now the guys in Kazuki's class are really furious that he has three beautiful girls wanting him! The reason for Kazuki's sudden fortune with the ladies is that it has been discovered that his family roots go back to the most powerful magic users in Japan and Europe. As such, it's felt that the children Kazuki sires will be the most powerful magic users ever. Which girl will win the battle and get Kazuki? Will Kazuki use all eight of his spells for the girls and thus lose his life for them?

Maburaho is another shounen anime, and great to watch if you like this genre. The animation is pretty good and the story is quite nice. I thought it was truly enjoyable, so if you don't mind some occassional fan-service, check it out!