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Science Fiction
OVA (4x)
Macross Plus

Macross Plus is set in the year 2045. It's about two test pilots that were originally former friends named Isamu and Guld. But a long time ago something happened between them and their other friend Myung. Now after so many years they meet up again Isamu and Guld are battling it out over who'll win not only the test flight but also Myung's affection. As time goes by we learn that Myung has left her dreams of singing to become the manager of Sharon Apple a "virtual" singer. Well the competition really heats up to see which person's veritech project will become a reality. It looks as Guld's mind controlled jet is going to win. This is when things turn ugly and the two get into many fights during their test runs. Eventually Guld ends up putting Isamu in the hospital, after a mishap.

Macross Plus is unlike the original Macross series and is probably even better. This anime also features the beautiful music by the famous Yoko Kanno. Two pilots being rivals in the past and in the present they still fight for the love of the same woman. Who will come out of this struggle set in the future as the victor and "claim" his prize?