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Comedy, Ecchi
TV (26x)
OVA (1x)

Former elite combat android Mahoro has fulfilled her service in the ranks of the Vesper armed division. Her creators however, sadly realize that under combat operating parameters, Mahoro will cease to function in 368 days. Due to her faithful and unfailing service to the Vesper Corporation, they offer an alternative, to disarm and live out a peaceful life for one year. Mahoro chooses to live out her remaining days, not as a combat android, but as a maid under the employ of young Misato Suguru, a high school boy. Yet as she spends her remaining time in a peaceful life with Suguru, Mahoro's past is slowly catching up to her.

MahoroMatic is a very funny anime and contains some nudity, making it unsuitable to watch for the younger audience. Alongside the great humor in this story are the action-packed scenes between Mahoro and her enemies she made during the countless battles she fought out in the past. Remember to watch the entire credits, because otherwise the poem that follows every episode will be missed.