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Action, Comedy
TV (24x)
Mahou Senshi Riui

The city of Orphan is a bustling medieval inspired fantasy location full of many normal people and a fair few definitely non-normal people. And amongst these are adventurers, people brave enough to try, and skilled enough to survive, exploring the wilderness for treasure and reward. In particular we get to meet a party of three female adventurers. However what they don't have is a sorcerer, and it's confounding their most recent attempt to find treasure. Thus they seek to recruit one, although had they known they'd end up meeting Riui they probably would never have tried. While he's the son of the greatest sorcerer in the land his casual attitude to his studies and ability to get carried away make him dangerous to be around. Unfortunately he loves the idea of being an adventurer. The team are unsure, whether to ignore him or kill him, which leads to an explosive confrontations.

This anime looks very familiar to the popular series "Slayers". Although not as good as, but still very nicely done. The characters are really funny, especially Riui, who's as dumb as a brick wall. The dumbest characters are always the funniest. Lots of great fanservice this anime, check it out!