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Action, Comedy
TV (127x)
OVA (2x)
MOVIE (1x)

Uzumaki Naruto is a boy living in a ninja village called the Hidden Leaf Village that was attacked twelve years ago by a fox demon called Nine Tails. A ninja saved the village, sacrificing his life by sealing the fox demon. He later became known as the 4th Hokage (which is the strongest ninja in the village). There's something about Nine Tails that no one in the village is allowed to speak about and that is that Naruto has Nine Tails sealed inside his belly button and is, therefore, Nine Tails. Naruto has no parents and practically everyone in the village hates him and ignores him because he's Nine Tails, so he plays pranks to get attention. His dream is to become a great ninja and surpass the Hokage so that everyone will acknowledge his strength, but he isnít exactly the model student or the best ninja.

There's a lot of martial arts in Naruto. The animation is really good and the music is even better, although somewhat repetitive. The only downside to this anime is that the battle scenes are dragged over a lot of episodes from time to time, just like Dragonball Z, but overall this is a very good anime series.