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Comedy, Romance
TV (12x)
OVA (1x)
Onegai Teacher

There is something extraordinary about the new teacher that has arrived at Kei Kusanagiís high school. Mizuho Kazami, the new instructor, is kindhearted, young, pretty, and deliciously endowed. But thatís not what makes her strangely different. It doesnít take a whole day for Kei to realize that Mizuho is actually the beautiful alien he had encountered the night before. Unfortunately, what other secrets he needs to learn from her, he has to learn the hard way. And it doesnít help that he finds himself falling in love in the processÖ

Onegai Teacher is a very romantic and funny anime series. The deep, real characters and an involving story that invites the viewer to take a participatory role make this anime mesmerizing. The depths of which the characters bear their souls left me making a strong emotional connection with them, and I really cared how their futures would turn out.