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Onegai Twins

Kamishiro Maiku has always lived alone. He's an ordinary guy who is both a student as well as a programmer, which is how he supports himself. Everything is going well for him until one day when a girl shows up at his door claiming to be his long-lost twin sister. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, another girl shows up at his door, also claiming to be his long-lost twin sister. They all share the same eye color, as well as a photograph with two people in it: Kamishiro Maiku, and one of the girls. This means that only one of them is his real long-lost sister... or does it? Find out, as the mysteries unravels, one panty at a time.

This the sequel to "Onegai Teacher". The artwork and the music are just as good as it's predecessor, but the story certainly isn't. Nothing much happens overall, but it's interesting to find out how the relationship between the 3 main characters unfolds.