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Comedy, Ecchi
OVA (6x)

Photon is a quiet young man with a kind heart and incredible superhuman strength. Tasked with going after Aun, the village chief's daughter who had just run away, Photon unwittingly embarks on the craziest adventure of his life! Somewhere along the way, Photon gets engaged to Keyne... a sexy renegade space pilot. Keyne, in turn, is being pursued by an oversexed megalomaniac named Papacha. But Photon remains unfazed, and all he really wants is a nice meal.

A lot of fan service is found in this anime, but it certainly isn't a hentai title. The action is mixed with lots of great wacky humor and a bit of romance on the side. If only the story lasted more than just 6 episodes this series would be superb.