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Princess Mononoke

In ancient times, the forces of man and the Gods of the beasts are beginning to clash over the forests and their natural resources. When young Ashitaka, the prince of an isolated village, kills a rampaging boar god, he's afflicted with a curse. In a matter of time it'll kill him if he cannot find a cure. So, he travels away from his home to find the cause of the boar God's curse and hatred of humans. There he finds humans fighting not only amongst themselves, but a town of outcasts where the soil is mined for iron. The people of this town are determined to take the resources from the forest near them, but that forest is the home of the forest God and is protected by the wolf clan. But there's also one human, San (Princess Mononoke), who fights with the beasts. Ashitaka seeks only to find answers, but he soon finds himself in the middle of an epic struggle.

Princess Mononoke is another piece of art made by Ghibli Studios. It's a wonderful adventure with a lot of action and the music is really phenomenal. If you have the opportunity, get both the animated movie and the soundtrack!!