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Action, Comedy
TV (161x)
OVA (12x)
MOVIE (2x)

Ranma and his father go off to China for an extended period of time to train, but now Ranma's father has decided that it's time for him to be engaged and his best friend Soun Tendo happens to have three daughters. When they finally arrive at the Tendo School of "Anything goes Martial Arts", the Tendo family is surprised to find out that Ranma is a girl. Who could have known that falling into one of Jusenkyo's many springs during their trip in China would transform the unlucky swimmer into whatever drowned there hundreds of years ago? As it turns out, Ranma and his father were cursed while in China and now Ranma turns into a girl and his dad turns into a panda whenever they're splashed with cold water. Hot water will reverse the effect, but only until the next time.

Ranma will stress your laughing muscles at all times. Ranma and most of the other characters change into really weird animals whenever they're splashed with cold water putting them into the wackiest situations you've ever seen. Also, the weirdest forms of martial arts you've ever heard of are featured in this funny anime series.