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Read or Die

The story begins with the White House being blown up by a mysterious old man. We meet our heroine, Yomiko Readman, a super book-otaku who's also code named "The paper" and works part-time for a secret organization. Yomiko is your typical anime ditz, completely oblivious to the world around her except as it relates to her books. But woe betides anyone who gets in her way. She has very cool power to control anything made of paper, thus her code name, which leads to some very original battle sequences. And of course, she isn't alone as she teams up with fellow agents with similar powers and sillier code names like Miss Deep. They track down the mystery of the old man, but first they've to get Yomiko's precious rare book back!

Read or die is a short, yet pretty good anime series. The main characters belong to a secret organisation and have awesome powers. Yomiko can do anything with paper and Mrs. Deep can phase through all kinds of matter. You're going to see tons of special effects and the story is really filled with a lot of action and really beautiful artwork. Itís a shame that this anime is only three episodes long.