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Adventure, Fantasy
TV (24x)
Scrapped Princess

In the medieval society of earth, one entity is looked upon with unprecedented fear. The god Mauzer prophesized of the Scrapped Princess, a being that would be a poison unto the world on the day of her sixteenth birthday. After the failed assassination attempt of the Scrapped Princess on the day of her birth, military forces the world over have searched for her for over fifteen years. However, she was taken in by the Casull family and has been protected fervently by her foster brother and sister. Now, Pacifica Casull, the Scrapped Princess, draws ever closer to her sixteenth birthday. Will she be the savior of the human race, or its executioner? More importantly, will she live long enough to find out?

Great animation, cool characters and a nice story. What do you need more? Except for the minor mecha part of this anime, there are not much things left to be picky about, so check it out.