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TV (38x)

The story starts with two friends fighting it out in the finals of a martial arts competition. They are both good friends, training partners and ridiculously talented martial artists, but they're fairly different people though. One is straightforward and pretty unsubtle by nature with his style being based on aggressively attacking. The other is more complex, thoughtful and perceptive, with a defensive style. They're about to end the fight, both convinced they are about to win, when a goddess figure appears and whisks them away in a column of light. The scene then moves to "Tenketsu" which is a magical shadow of our world. It's fairly obviously magical, as it's got wonderfully improbable terrain, including such things as floating islands. The aggressive male finds himself in strange new clothes, a magical lion figurine in his hands and a young girl testing if her kiss will wake the prince. It seems that he's a "holy warrior" of this land, which is getting ready for it's regular ten thousand year invasion by the forces of evil. When they get the upper hand, it looks like the future is going to be challenging and potentially short.

Shurato has a very nice story and the artwork is pretty good overall. Background information about the characters is portrayed very well and the sound is of high quality too. The only downside of Shurato is that the individual special moves used by everyone don't change and thus becomes a bit dull during the latter part of the story.