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TV (24x)
Those Who Hunt Elves

The story begins when innocent people from our modern period are brought into a typical fantasy world full of magic, monsters and magical creatures such as elves. The expected traveller would be a young girl or boy who must learn the ways of this dangerous land. Well, not in this case, in this example it's the people from our world who scare the occupants of the fantasy world. After all, one is a brilliant actress who can read people like a book and manipulate them just as easily. Another is a martial arts freak that loves a good fight, while the final one is a young girl who likes toys. Although assault rifles, explosives and a T-34 main battle tank aren't typical toys. Still, the one who brought them to the world is all set on returning them as soon as possible. However, a distraction during a complex incantation causes the spell to fragment and seek a home on the body of elves just like the caster. And since she happens to be an elven female it means that somewhere in the world there are five elven females with spell fragments hidden somewhere on their bodies. And so, the most embarrassing quest in fantasy is born as these three, plus a tank and an elven mage polymorphed into a dog for disguise must search to world, find elves and strip them.

Three people ripping the clothes off of innocent elves, now that's looking for serious trouble, but on the other hand it's damn funny too. The story is quite original and it gets more fun with every episode, so check this series out!!