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Action, Comedy
TV (26x)

Vash the Stampede. A man so dangerous he has a $60,000,000,000 bounty on his head, that two entire cities have been destroyed by him. But this does not deter Meryl Stryfe and Millie Thompson, a pair of determined insurance agents who want to put an end to "Damage by Vash the Stampade" claims, because he's costing the Bernnidelli Insurance Agency a fortune!

Yet Vash is not all he appears to be. This "dangerous man" that has a bounty of billions on his head has never killed anybody in recorded history, yet he walks away from every gunfight. To fight this Humanoid Typhoon is to be instantly and quickly beaten. When he holsters his gun, however, he's always friendly, and he always attempts to bring the good out of people, even those who have sworn to kill him.

But life on Planet Gunsmoke is not always so simple. As lost cities float in the sky, and mysterious devices known only as "plants" protect the inhabitants of Planet Gunsmoke from the sand, one man stands before Vash. A man that is just like Vash, in every way. His evil brother, Knives.

Trigun was a great anime. You'll be literally crying with laughter during the first part of the series, and then cry for real the second half. It's a perfect blend of everything good in an anime, with an impeccable storyline, an extremely original style, and a generally good execution. Only the mediocre music could've been slightly better.