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Science Fiction
TV (26x)
OVA (2x)

It's a universe where Earth-descended men and women have lived separately for some time. Men inhabit the planet Tarak and women live in the planet Mejale. There has been no contact between the two sexes for so long that various rumors have spread like the common belief in Tarak that women eat men's livers. Hibiki is a third-class citizen from the planet Tarak who's tired of his lot in life. And so, he decides to sneak aboard the men's colonizing ship Ikazuchi, with the intent of stealing a Vanguard, an assault mech men have built in order to outmaneuver the women. The problem is, a pirate ship from Mejale decides to attack the Ikazuchi. In a strange turn of events, the women's ship merges with a part of Ikazuchi. Hibiki is taken prisoner along with fellow men Bart and Duero. To top it off, a young woman named Dita seems to be quite taken by Hibiki!

Vandread is the best CG-animated series I've come across, the action scenes are really intense and the characters are beautifully made. There's a lot of fun, because Hibiki attracts the women around him as if he's a chick-magnet.