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Comedy, Romance
TV (26x)

Motosuwa Hideki is from the country where it's nice and quiet and he aspires to attend Harete University. The problem is he failed to get in the first time and as a result must attend cram school in order to try again. So off he goes from the country to Tokyo, a rich and lively city full of all sorts of exciting things, including Persocons or computerized robotic persons were created to "serve" the humans. They look and appear exactly like humans except for their ears, which look like droopy cat ears. They're very cute and they're always female in appearance. They're everywhere he goes and it seems everyone has one. But Hideki is as poor as a student comes and can't afford one. Luck finds Hideki when he discovers a dormant Persocon in the trash and decides that since she's in the trash, it would be okay to take her, but her operating system CD falls out of her "wrapping" unnoticed by him and off he goes to take her home. After figuring out how to turn her on, he finds that she's completely "empty", so to speak and is like an innocent child who must be taught everything. The only word she seems to know is "Chii" and thus this is what he calls her from now on.

I really like this anime series, the story, the characters, the funny music and the mysterious background of Chii makes Chobits exceptional. If you know a little Japanese, it might surprise you that you could follow most of the story without subtitles. Does Chii find the person that belongs to her? Only one way to find out is for you to watch Chobits too.