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Action, Comedy
TV (140x)
OVA (5x)
City Hunter

If you're desperate and need a job done, write "XYZ" on the bulletin board at Shinjuku Station. That is a signal that you want to hire the City Hunter. Ryo Saeba and Kaori Makumura make up City Hunter. Ryo is calm, cool, and has an amazingly accurate shot. He is also the biggest lech since Ataru Moroboshi. Kaori is the "sister" of Ryo's deceased partner and runs the business side of City Hunter. She's also the only woman at whom Ryo hasn't made a pass... The jobs have ranged from being a bodyguard to virtual espionage. Kaori has kept Ryo's frequent tendencies in check with an 50,000 kg mallet.

This is considered to be a fairly old anime, but don't be discouraged by that, because the quality is quite good. Ryo is super cool and likes to hit on women whenever he sees one. Kaori has a hard time holding him back with some of the wackiest tools. A very funny anime series indeed!