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Science Fiction
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Cowboy Bebop

The year is 2071. The surface of planet Earth was devastated by a constant bombardment of asteroid collisions caused by an asteroid belt surrounding the earth. This asteroid belt was the remains of the moon after a major experiment gone terribly wrong causing it to explode and shatter into pieces. Fortunately by this time mankind has already mastered the art of travelling in space and has developed colonies in various parts of the galaxy. However, as mankind expands his influence into the galaxy, so does crime. The new wave of criminals and gangs that sprung has become too much for the Inter Solar System Police (ISSP) to handle. Enter the space cowboys, which are people who hunt down criminals for the sake of monetary rewards. Spike Spiegel is one such bounty hunter and the story follows the exploits of him and the rest of the crew of "Cowboy Bebop" as they travel in space in search for huge bounties.

I didn't understand the hype around this anime at first. Having watched the first episode, it still looked like an average anime series. But as the story enfolds, the crew of Cowboy Bebop grows and that's when the fun really starts. The quality of the artwork is very good and the choreography used in the action scenes is even better. This anime isn't only worth recommending, you have to watch it!!