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There was a farmer with three sons. One day, the farmer gave the first son a loaf of bread, gave the second a toy truck and to the third, he gave a duck. Then he told each son to get as much money as possible for his item. The first son sold the bread for $5. The second son sold the truck for $10.

The third son was walking down the street and came upon a whore. The whore asked him if he wanted sex. He politely told her all he had was this duck. After looking it over, the woman agreed to have sex with him in return for the duck. So he gave her the duck and they had sex. When it was over, the whore told him how good the sex was and offered to give the duck back if he would bang her again. He agreed and they had sex and he got the duck back. Walking down the street, the duck wandered off down the street and got hit by a car. The man inside the car felt guilty and offered the son $50 for the damage to the duck. The boy accepted the money.

Back at the farm, the farmer asked his sons what they received.

The first son said, "I got $5 for the loaf of bread"

The second son said, "I got $10 for the toy truck"

The third son said, "I got a fuck for a duck, a duck for a fuck and 50 bucks for a fucked-up duck."