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Pissing contest

A guy is at a bar, laughing with friends when he goes over to watch the bartender. The bar is nice and clean and the bartender is putting down the finishing touches.

The guy goes, "You seem like a betting man."

The bartender replies, "Everyday of the week except Sunday."

The guy goes "I bet you $500 if I stood on the bar and you pushed a bar glass under me, I could piss all in it and not get a wince of it on the bar."

The bartender laughs and says" I'll take you on that bet."

So he goes and gets a glass, while the guy is unzipping his pants. "Ready," the bartender goes and the man replies "FIRE AWAY!" so the bartender pushes the glass and the guy pisses everywhere but in the glass.

He zips his pants on and the bartender starts laughing and says, "See boy, it can't be done!" the guy pays him smiling all the way. The bartender asks, "Boy what are you so happy about? You just lost $500"

He replies "I just betted that man over there $1000 I could piss all over your bar and make you laugh about it!"