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Speeding ticket

A man is driving sixty miles per hour on the highway and is being pulled over by a policeman. The officer says, "Sir, I'm pulling you over for speeding. Can I see your drivers license please?" The man says, "I don't have a drivers license."

The officer then responds, "No drivers license? Can you show me the registration certificate of this car then?" The man says, "No, I don't have it, because this car isn't mine. I stole it, but I might have seen it when I placed my gun in the glove compartment."

The baffled policeman then responds, "You're armed with a gun in a stolen car?" The man says, "Yes, I needed the gun to shoot the woman which I stole this car from. Her body is still lying in the trunk of the car." This is too much for the officer and he requests for backup.

The man is surrounded by a troop of policeman in no time and the sergeant walks toward him. The sergeant asks for the driver's license and the man shows it to him. When asked for the registration certificate, the man pulls it out of his wallet and it seems all right as well. Then the sergeant asks to have a look in the glove compartment and he doesn't see a gun in there. At last, the sergeant wants to have a look in the trunk of the car and he sees that it's empty.

The sergeant says to the man, "This officer told me you were driving in a stolen car without a drivers license, armed with a gun and with a body in the trunk. How's this possible?" The man says, "I bet that lying bastard was probably making up that I was speeding too."