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Towel drop

A beautiful young woman gets out of the shower, wraps a towel around her form and tells her husband that he can get in the shower. As he enters the shower, the doorbell rings. The wife says she'll get the door and goes downstairs.

When she opens the door, she sees her neighbor Bill, whose mouth opens wide at the sight of her shimmering form.

He pulls out two one hundred dollar bills and tells her that they're hers if she'll just let the towel fall to her waist. She thinks why not and drops the towel down and takes the money.

Bill gasps at the sight and shows her two more hundreds and offers them if she'll just let the towel go altogether. She thinks she has come this far so what the heck and drops the towel to the ground.

Bill looks for a minute, thanks her and leaves. When she gets back upstairs, her husband had completed his shower and asks her who was at the door.

She says, "Just Bill".

The husband replies, "Did he say anything about the $400 he owes me?"