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A little boy walked into his mom and dads room while they were fighting. The dad yelled, "You bitch!" And the mom screamed, "You bastard!" And the little boy said, "Mommy, daddy what does that mean?" The parents replied "Um, ladies and gentlemen." and with that answer the little boy ran off to bed.

The next night the parents were really horny, the dad said, "Nice tits!" And the mom said, "Nice dick!" And the little boy ran into the room and asked, "Mommy, daddy what does that mean?" "Um, hats and coats." and with that answer the little boy ran back to bed.

The next day was Thanksgiving and all of the relatives were going to be eating and celebrating at the little boys house. The little boy was on his way up the stairs and ran into the bathroom. When he swung the door open it hit his dad's elbow, causing him to cut himself while shaving. "Shit!" he bellowed. "Daddy what does that mean???"

"Um, it's the name of the shaving cream that I'm using, now run downstairs and see what your mom is doing." With that, the little boy did as he was told. Meanwhile his mom was slicing the turkey and she accidentally put her finger in the wrong place. "Fuck!" She hollered and the little boy said, "Mommy, what does that mean?" "Um, it means I'm cutting the turkey."

The doorbell rang and the little boy scampered off to answer it saying: "Hello all of you bitches and bastards, hang up your titties and dicks. Dad is upstairs whipping the shit off of his face and mom is in the kitchen fucking the turkey!"