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103 min.
Fist of Legend

In the early 1930's, Shanghai is under occupation by Japan who is using this foothold to prepare for an invasion of the mainland. One of the opposition leaders to Japan's influence in China is Fok Yuen Gaap, a kung fu master and founder of the Jin Wu School. A local Japanese general by the name of Fujita has had the teacher poisoned before a match with the leader of a competing Japanese school, which results in his death. As the movie begins, Fok Yuen Gaap's leading student hears of his master's death and rushes back to Shanghai from Japan where he has been studying. Chen Zhen arrives to find the school's reputation in tatters. Meanwhile, general Fujita has formally challenged the Jin Wu School. Chen Zhen fights the general and this ultimately leads to his death. To appease tensions between Japan and China, Chen Zhen agrees to accept responsibility for the general's death, but his friends may have other plans.