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128 min.

Nicholas Van Orton is a wealthy and entirely troubled millionaire. He lives in the long shadow of his father, who committed suicide by jumping from the roof of the family home. His estranged brother, Conrad, who offers him an unusual birthday present, visits him. A gift certificate for a personalized "game" orchestrated by a high-tech company called Consumer Recreation Services or CRS for short. Resistant to the idea but intrigued at the same time, Nicholas eventually finds himself at the CRS offices, submitting to a battery of psychological tests and a physical exam that will help the company tailor a game just for him. Soon, Nicholas arrives at home to find a clown dummy splayed across his driveway, just as his father was found. Nicholas finds a key in the clown's mouth and suddenly starts receiving some very strange television programming and so the game is afoot. Nicholas bonds with Christine, a wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time waitress who dumps drinks all over his expensive suit and then helps him escape after he finds himself, mysteriously, trespassing at CRS offices after hours. Lost credit cards, Swiss bank accounts and a crypt in Mexico will all figure into the picture as the game plays itself out. Justly paranoid, Van Orton's task is to figure out what the hell is going on and whether or not he's still just playing.