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126 min.
Good Will Hunting

Will Hunting is a product of his surroundings. Raised in foster homes in South Boston, he aspires only to be as good as the friends he has become all too familiar with. He drinks, he fights, and he gets in trouble with the law, because this pattern is all he has come to understand. While working as a janitor at scholarly and prestigious MIT, Will decides to stop and work a math problem written on a blackboard that had been left for the graduate students to solve. Later, Professor Lambeau is astounded to discover that it was the young janitor who had accomplished what no student could do. Convinced that Will is a genius and only needs counselling to keep him from his self-destructive, law-breaking tendencies, Lambeau enlists the aid of an old college roommate and therapist Sean McGuire, to help Will cope with his feelings of abandonment and intellectual uneasiness. Both doctor and patient become purged through their interaction, Will no longer feels that he is unworthy of his intellectual gift and the widowed Dr. McGuire finds the courage to get on with his life. Will's best friend, Chuckie, as well as girlfriend Skylar, offer Will the encouragement he needs to realize his potential and break free.