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106 min.
Behind Enemy Lines

Lieutenant Chris Burnett is a top naval aviator who is fustrated that fragile geo-politics have kept him from what he knows best, flying F-18 Superhornet jets into combat. "We're watching, not fighting," he tells Admiral Reigart, who thinks Burnett hasn't really learned what it takes to be a soldier. In an attempt to toughen Burnett's metal, Reigart assigns him a routine reconnaissance mission on Christmas Eve. Disobeying orders, Burnett and Stackhouse enter a no-fly zone and photograph something no one was meant to see and they're shot down. Trapped behind enemy lines, Burnett struggles to survive the relentless pursuit of a ruthless secret police enforcer, a deadly tracker and countless hostile troops. With time running out, Reigart takes matters into his own hands and sets aside the military rules and risks his career to save the life of this one soldier.