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Lord of the Rings

A hobbit named Frodo Baggins has inherited a mysterious golden ring from his uncle Bilbo. Unbeknownst to Frodo, the ring has evil powers. In fact, the future of civilization rests in the fate of this one ring, which has been missing for four hundred years. Forces of evil, led by Sauron, the dark Lord of Mordor, are searching for the ring, because with it he will have the power to rule the world. A good wizard, Gandalf, explains to Frodo the legend of the ring and tells him it must be destroyed in order to save the world. So, Frodo becomes the ring-bearer, with the mission to deliver the ring to far-off Mount Doom, where it was forged and the only place where it can be destroyed. But Frodo doesn't leave the Shire alone. He's accompanied by three other hobbits, the ever-loyal Sam, the bumbling Merry and the scatterbrained Pippin. The Fellowship of the Ring faces many challenges and they're nearly killed numerous times. Eventually, the Fellowship grows to nine members, the four hobbits as well as dwarves, elves and humans. Many obstacles are placed in their path as the forces of evil haunt their every step.