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Science Fiction
136 min.

The Matrix questions the reality of life as we know it and our ability to realize the difference. Thomas Anderson, a reserved software programmer by day, leads a double life by night as a computer hacker. Approached by a strange young woman who identifies herself as "Trinity", Anderson becomes involved with her shadowy group of paranoid outcasts, led by the mysterious "Morpheus". Anderson has had strange dreams of unreality, but hasn't been able to figure out their true meaning. Morpheus offers him to discover the truth and thus Anderson, now called "Neo", is plugged into what Morpheus has referred to as "The Matrix", a computer-generated reality. In pursuit of these rebels are three computer-generated henchmen, led by agent Smith. Their orders are to squelch those who have any knowledge of the Matrix, so that the truth will never be revealed. Morpheus believes that Neo is their "savior", who can infiltrate the Matrix by "plugging in" and destroy the agents. One of the rebels, Cypher, makes a pact with agent Smith to divulge the location of Morpheus. This plot goes awry, leaving everyone except Morpheus, Neo, Trinity and Tank dead. Neo and Trinity assault the agents' headquarters and free Morpheus. Neo eliminates agent Smith and rejoins the rebels to repel the invading robots.