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92 min.
Monsters Inc

The monster world is fuelled by the energy that flows from a child's frightened scream. Monsters Inc. sends their monstrous employees into unsuspecting children's homes, harnessing that scary-scream energy into functional fuel that lights and heats their spaces. But 21st century little people are a savvy lot who are not easy to spook. Consequently, the monster world is suffering an energy crisis. Leading the charge, as number one scream producer is Sulley, a big lovable hunk blessed with an immensely wicked fear factor. Hot on his competitive heels is slimy, shape-shifting Randall Boggs, a slithery lounge lizard of a worker who will go to immoral lengths to become number one. Fast-talking Mike Wazowski is Sulley's handler, looking out for his client's interests while relentlessly trying to seduce the Medusa-like Celia. Children are the anthrax of the monster world, their playthings a dangerous contaminant to creature fur and sensitive beastly psyches. When precocious toddler Boo escapes from her room and into the Monsters Inc. factory, the child security breach throws the struggling corporation into a mad frenzy. Code Red Priority: "Find the tiny terror and send her unhygienic booty back to its nursery."