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120 min.
My Cousin Vinny

In a small Alabama town, Bill Gambini and Stan Rothstein, two young students from New York, make a stop while driving to UCLA only to be arrested and indicted for the murder of a convenience store clerk. Since Southern states take such matters more seriously than rest of the country, two young men are in danger of being put to electric chair. In desperation and short of money needed to hire legal help Bill remembers his cousin Vincent "Vinny" Gambini, who just happens to be lawyer and who would represent them for free. When Vinny and his girlfriend Mona Lisa Vito arrive to Alabama, it turns out that Vinny, former Brooklyn mechanic, is nothing more than an inexperienced hack that have never set foot in the courtroom. To make things even more challenging for the boys' defence, Judge Chamberlain Haller is authoritarian who demands strict following of Alabama criminal procedure, something that Vinny knows almost nothing about. But Vinny isn't discouraged by such odds and begins to study the law and tries to find some way to prove boys' innocence.