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154 min.
Pulp Fiction

A quirky, plot-entangled story line is the basis for this sometimes violent, often times moralistic portrayal of small time robbers, an aging boxer and two mob hit men and their twisted intentions. All plots centre on LA mob kingpin Marcellus Wallace, who's in search of a missing briefcase, whose contents are never revealed. Partners Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield are hit men for Marcellus, eliminating anyone unfortunate enough to have angered their boss. Vincent, escorting Marcellus' wife Mia to Jackrabbit Slim's, reflects a sweet boyish character, while Jules attempts to substantiate what he does by "quoting" a bible verse, believing that he's justly following God's directives. Sweethearts Pumpkin and Honey Bunny are confronted by Jules, who admonishes the two for their violence and dismisses them. Short-fused boxer Butch Coolidge, ordered to "take a dive" by boss Marcellus, kills his opponent in the ring out of spite and decides to skip town with the payoff money and his girlfriend in tow. A strange turn of events pairs the scuffling Butch and Marcellus as the unwitting victims of two hillbilly rapists, allowing Butch to rectify his double-cross by slashing the attackers and leaving Marcellus with no option but to let Butch escape. This is an unusual dose of conscience for either, but they were, after all, associates.