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170 min.
Saving Private Ryan

Captain John Miller leads his squadron of men into what's sure to be a slaughter of allied forces at Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1944. Allied warplanes had failed to take out the stone fortifications above the beach. No sooner had the landing crafts lowered their ramps, the first line of men were mowed down. Captain Miller's men fared no better, yet he and a handful of his soldiers managed to make it to the gauntlet and took out the out manned German gunners. Meanwhile, the War Department had just received three separate messages. Three brothers, all soldiers, had been killed within days of each other and the grim task of relaying the horrible news to their mother was reason enough to order that the fourth brother be immediately located and brought home. For this unbelievable mission, Captain Miller and his remaining seven men were selected. The eight soldiers advance into the countryside of France, passing their retreating comrades, all wondering why the life of one man is greater than that of eight soldiers. They finally locate Private Ryan in the village of Ramelle, defending the bridge against the German advance. Ryan refuses to leave his company, leaving Miller and his men no option but to stay and fight the impending battle. Stationed around the entrance of the bridge and waiting for the attack, the men fight valiantly to repel the German forces.