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118 min.
Silence of the Lambs

Clarice Starling is a skilled young woman who's about to complete her training and become a FBI agent. She has some bad memories still haunting her and things are about to get even more difficult. Indeed, she has been picked by a superior to go question a vicious serial killer in his jail cell. And so Clarice meets Dr. Hannibal Lecter, also known as Hannibal the Cannibal, an unforgettable embodiment of evil. What makes him so terrifying is not just that he killed and ate people. What's really disturbing is how calm and intelligent he is. When Clarice first comes upon him, he's standing straight behind the unbreakable plexiglass that isolates him from the outside world. He speaks precisely and fluently and every sign shows that he's a brilliant man. And before long, his abilities as a psychiatrist are evident in the way he turns the tables on the inquisitive Clarice and cross-examines her, surely and chillingly entering her mind and uncovering the fears she tries to forget.