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105 min.
Sleepless in Seattle

Sam is a recent widower who has moved to Seattle to get away from memories and heartache. Now, after eighteen months, he still misses his wife, though he's taking steps to get his life back in order. On Christmas Eve, his eight-year-old son Jonah calls a radio talk show, saying his dad is lonely and needs a new wife. After that, he goads his father into getting on the phone, where Sam's sensitivity touches a nerve among female listeners across the country. Among those listeners is Annie, a Baltimore journalist, who is touched by Sam's story in a way she can't fully define. But it doesn't matter since she's engaged to her long-time boyfriend Walter, who's as dull as a doorknob. As a result of the radio program, Sam receives two thousand proposals in the mail from women all over the country and he leaps reluctantly back into the dating pool. Meanwhile, Annie plans her wedding while trying to understand why she feels drawn to find out more about Sam, someone she has never met who lives on the other side of the country. Consequently, these feelings turn into actions to meet Sam and they finally get together on top of the Empire State building.