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173 min.
Toy Story

Six-year-old Andy's favorite toy is Woody, a pull-string talking sheriff who magically springs to life when the boy is away. Woody's pride turns to ire when he's replaced in Andy's affections by Buzz Lightyear, a space ranger with pop-out wings and flashing laser beam. The two must work out their rivalry in the midst of several adventures which take them to a fast-food emporium and to the dangerous house of Sid, a kid next door who enjoys finding innovative ways to destroy toys.

In the sequel, it turns out that Woody has a family. He was once part of the "Round-Up Gang". Woody meets the troupe after being toy napped by an unscrupulous collector-dealer named Al, who plans to pack off the now-complete set to a toy museum. Quicker than you can say "To infinity and beyond", Buzz organizes a mission to liberate his old pal. Non-stop comic relief is provided during a perilous cross-town odyssey from Andy's room to Al's Toy Barn. But, does Woody really want to be rescued?