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124 min.

Xander Cage is not the kind of guy most parents want their daughters to bring home. The extreme athlete is tough, tattooed and carrying a tank-sized attitude on his brawny shoulders. He's also exactly what the NSA wants to help infiltrate a renegade band of European anarchists. So giving Cage the option of voluntary enlistment isn't on agent Augustus Gibbons agenda. Instead he assails his "recruits" apartment with a military tactical team and he offers him the choice of cell time in a penitentiary to pay for his past misdeeds or a chance to serve his government overseas. Considering his restrictive alternatives, the newly employed mole is soon on a plane to Prague with an assignment to collect sensitive information about the group called "Anarchy 99". But conventional spy methods don't appeal to this adrenaline addict who shoves his way onto the turf of the insurgents' leader, Yorgi. Making demands of his own, Cage distances himself from his local Czech contact and takes aim to get in with the crime ring who specializes in prostitution, drugs and car theft. Portrayed as ever cool and in control, agent "Triple X" keeps an interested eye on Yorgi's mistreated girlfriend, Yelana while uncovering a plot by the rebels to annihilate the world's population and bring down the existing governments.